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Cheap Shitty Tablet Fever Sweeps America

If you didn’t manage to grab up a $99 HP Touchpad in today’s HPocalypse, don’t even worry about it, man. Without Netflix, a reliable browser, or a rear facing camera, its basically just a big heavy-ass Kindle.


After todays Fire Sale, tons of late-adopter people who would have probably waited over a year from now to buy a tablet have one in their hands now.  What kind of repercussions will this have?

These folks are going to want apps. An enterprising coder could make a lot of money right now designing a killer webOS app, because millions of people are looking in the HP Market right now and would be more than willing to drop $5 on an app that could help them feel like their impulse buy was worth it.

Will future tablets be easier to sell to regular folks, now that many of them will now have experience with what amounts to starter tablet? Or will the sudden  ”popularity” of the Touchpad ultimately just give the usability of non-Apple/Android tablets a bad name in the eyes of casual consumers?

Alternate Racier Title For This Blog: Web Two Point Ho

Tumblr is the last of the major internet social networking phenoms of the past half a year or so that I failed to GET.

I get almost everything if it’s stupid and related to the internet.

But I didn’t get Tumbr.

Now I do. I see it.

1. Two Step Blog Creation

Clever title? Short version of your clever title for the URL?  Look, you’re a blogger.  You could have two left feet and still dance that two-step.

2. Curation Is Creation

I’m just going to let that sink in.  I almost blew my mind just writing it down.

3. One Way Soap Box

Commenters are the absolute scum of the internet. You know it, I know it, YouTube DEFINITELY knows it. Who needs em? If you only want positive feedback like some sort of fourth grader in 1995, Tumblr has you covered.

In conclusion, I’m writing a blog about web 2.0 and social media claptrap, so me and Tumblr might as well get acquainted in the process.